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The Greater Cambridge region describes that part of Cambridgeshire compromising of Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire District Council areas. Just 50 miles from London with east access by rail and road, the area sits at the heart of a number of internationally significant growth corridors. The area has achieved growth and success on an international scale, with an enviable status as a global hub of technology and innovation. With the University of Cambridge at its heart, Greater Cambridge is a world-leading centre for research, innovation and technology which has led to a unique ecosystem of bright minds, commerce and local investment. The inward investment, brought by this has created jobs and prosperity throughout Greater Cambridge. Lives of millions of people around the world have been transformed through innovations originating from Cambridge, from cancer treating drugs to smart phones. Greater Cambridge is one of only a handful of city regions which have a net positive contribution to the UK economy. Its success brings jobs and opportunities for the whole region and beyond and, when it succeeds, so does the whole of the UK. Add to this the areas prominent position as a global tourist destination (with over 7 million visitors per year), steeped in history, and its easy to see why the area is seen as one of the most attractive to live in the UK.

Whilst this means that house prices in Cambridge City are higher than the national average, across the area there are a wide range of more affordable housing choices in the nearby market towns beyond Cambridge, and in new settlements such as Cambourne and Northstowe. If you choose to live and work here, you are sure to enjoy an enhanced quality of life, with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of social, cultural and leisure activities. Move here and you will soon find yourself part of a vibrant community with excellent schools and amenities.

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