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Aims and Objectives

Both Councils have demonstrated a clear commitment to supporting growth across the City region. Their respective objectives are contained in their Corporate Plans.

South Cambridgeshire District Council

The Corporate Plan 2016 - 2021 sets out four Priority Objectives:

  • Living Well: Support our Communities to remain in good health whilst protecting the natural and built environment
  • Homes for our Future: Secure the delivery of a wide range of housing to meet the needs of existing and future communities
  • Connected Communities: Ensure new transport and digital infrastructure supports and strengthens communities and that our approach to growth sustains prosperity
  • An Innovative and Dynamic Organisation: adopting a more commercial and business-like approach to ensure we can continue to deliver the best possible services at the lowest possible cost.

Council Aims

We will make this into the most considerate, responsive council,

  • that is green to its core, in everything that it does,
  • that welcomes change to the benefit of our residents and our businesses,
  • that works tirelessly for those residents who are least well off, who can’t afford a home or who are struggling to access essential services.

Cambridge City Council

Cambridge City Council’s Corporate Plan 2016-19 meanwhile has a vision to lead a united city, ‘One Cambridge - Fair for All’, in which economic dynamism and prosperity are combined with social justice and equality. The plan lists the following strategic objectives:

  • Delivering sustainable prosperity for Cambridge and fair shares for all
  • Tackling the city’s housing crisis and delivering our planning objectives
  • Making Cambridge safer and more inclusive
  • Investing in improving transport
  • Protecting our city’s unique quality of life
  • Protecting essential services and transforming council delivery
  • Tackling climate change, and making Cambridge cleaner and greener

The plan sets out the actions, initiatives and strategies that we plan to undertake to achieve these strategic objectives. It also describes what success will look like, and includes a number of performance indicators to measure progress.