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LGA Peer Challenge

Both Councils have been the subject of Peer Challenges provide by the LGA in the last 2 years. The Cambridge Review took place in 2017 whilst SCDC Review was in 2016. 

The Cambridge Peer Review team concluded:

“Cambridge City Council is a good council that is performing well and has a number of areas of strong practice, including leveraging in additional funding and grants, building new homes and supporting vulnerable residents both through service delivery and support grants to the voluntary and third sector. The peer team found both Cambridge City Council and its residents and stakeholders to be proud, passionate and community minded. There is a real appetite for Cambridge to be an ambitious city whilst maintaining and celebrating its rich heritage. The peer team found that the council had all the right ingredients to deliver on its future…”

The Cambridge Peer Review Report has not yet been received. Feedback from the Peer Review Team can be found here. 

The SCDC Peer Review Team meanwhile concluded:

"South Cambridgeshire is a good place to live and work. The area has consistently featured in the Halifax rural quality of life survey, being ranked 9th in 2015. The area benefits from the booming Cambridge economy growing at a rate of 8 per cent a year, which is higher than that for China. The Grant Thornton Vibrant Economy Index (November 2016) states that “…the highest ranking place was Cambridge [and the] neighbouring area of South Cambridgeshire also performed very well…” This is aided by proximity to London and the South East economy."

The feedback report can be viewed here

More information on the Peer Challenge Report for SCDC can be found here